Seeing Christ in Each Other

ST. FRANCIS CONVENT TO HOST DOROTHY DAY PRESENTATION ON SEPTEMBER 19 Robert Russo to address the Catholic Worker founder’s pacifist stance

Dorothy Day scholar Robert Russo will speak on September 19, 7:00 – 8:15 pm, at St. Francis Convent Chapel, 200 St. Francis Ave., Tiffin. The event is sponsored by Tiffin Area Pax Christi and Project Peace.

Russo’s talk, entitled Seeing Christ in Each Other, will examine the underlying causes and consequences of Dorothy Day’s pacifist stance. Day was a journalist and social activist who was best known for her efforts with the Catholic Worker Movement. She founded the Catholic Worker in New York City in 1933 to serve the poor during the depths of the depression. She is currently a candidate for sainthood.

Russo, a Perrysburg resident, has a Master’s Degree in Systematic Theology from Lourdes University. Over the past ten years, he has lectured, written, and conducted extensive research concerning Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement. He is the author of The Thrills of 1924: Dorothy Day Encounters the “Underworld Denizens” of New Orleans.

According to Russo, “pacifism in Day’s case must not be considered only in the light of death occurring from an unjust war, but also through the death of the human spirit arising from injustice, brutality, crass materialism, and poverty.”

A free will offering will be taken. Pre-registration is not required. For more information, call 419-447-0435, Ext. 136.     Peace Crane poster[6930]


Headin’ back to Palestine June 3

Dear friends,

I’m rather slow in making this appeal for any help you’d like to forward to Project Peace for our trip once again to palestine from June 3-13, 2019.  The situation is not getting any better so there is EVERY reason to keep advocating for the Palestinians whose HOPE forward is getting shakier.  Still Project Peace shall not give up…We will continue to take delegations and help people SEE the situation as it is with the settlements, e.g. occupying more and more of the traditional lands of the Palestinians.

This year we will have the special occasion to meet with Tamimi the young Palestinian who braved the situation with an Israeli soldier–pushing him when he was trying to take her brother away.  She served  months in prison for her brave stance.  Now she has wisdom to share and we’re hoping we can absorb some of that bravery in her.

We shall of course visit many friends–who continue no matter WHAT IS HAPPENING to speak their minds, to build infrastructures of resistance like schools for the girls, etc.

Won’t you join us in spirit?  If you are able, donations made to Project Peace would be very much appreciated.  The address is:  sr. Paulette, 200 St. Francis AVe. Tiffin, OH 44883

Blessings in every way to you.  If you want to communicate with me while I’m in Palestine, I’d be happy to do so.


sr. Paulette

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: A Trip to the Holy Land/Palestine

From June 3-14, 2019 please consider joining a delegation with Sr. Paulette Schroeder to the Holy Land/Palestine to understand the struggle: i.e. to meet with nonviolent leaders, enjoy Palestinian food, travel to and explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bi’lin, Hebron and the Bedouin people and many more places. You will learn about the conflict from the people themselves who have been living IN the conflict.

The trip, including airfare is affordable—keeping it below $3000—which includes everything except your personal mementos, etc. The lodging is modest—in a respected hostel, and the days offer some debriefing and down time toward evening.
Please consider joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually be present to many faiths’ sacred sites and to come to an understanding of the source/s of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Call Sr. Paulette 567.230.0220 for more information.zeileka

Christmas Parade downtown Tiffin with 6th. grade Peace Club

We had such fun together at the Christmas Parade.  The peace club wanted very much to share some excitement with downtown Tiffin. The kids  threw candy, shouted Merry Christmas and had great fun with the hundreds of people along the roadway. What a good group of young people!  I was so proud of and happy for them.  It rained all the way, but they held to their goal with grit.parade 2

parade 3parade 1

Delegation Trip to Palestine West Bank planned for June 3-14, 2019…Join?

Palestine landDear friends of Project Peace,

Much joy and peace as we enter into this Advent season coming this Sunday!  What a great spiritually rich time to grow into greater understanding and patience with our world, with love for family and friends and all God’s people.  I wish you each the very best of Church seasons.

I am wanting very much to tell you of a really wonderful experience coming up from June 3-14 with a delegation trip to Palestine.  This trip will vividly show the reason for the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Travelers will meet Palestinians and Israelis working for a change in the status quo there.  Delegation members will both understand and feel the need to help justice and international efforts come forth to effect peace.

The trip is perfect for changing attitudes, for further reflection, for information gathering from the sources.  I invite you to come with us or pass this information on to someone whom you think might be interested in the project.  The cost is less than $3000.00.  The places we travel are Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron and perhaps one or more of the small villages and the Bedouin community.

June 3 -June 14, 2019

Ten nights in the Holy Land – Jerusalem, Bi’lin,  Bethlehem and Hebron

 Delegation Experiences:

+Understand the struggle in East Jerusalem with Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the effects of the Wall.                                                                                                              +Meet with leaders of the nonviolent resistance in Bi’lin and enjoy a Palestinian family there.                                                                                                                                                +++ +Meet with the Rabbis for Human Rights and the Catholic Near East Welfare Association and other Jewish organizations                                                                                                           +Learn about the situation in Gaza and perhaps go to Gaza…need application early though.                                                                                                                                                     +Stay at the Tent of Nations and learn of the efforts to hold onto one’s family ancestral land.                                                                                                                                                     +Visit a refugee camp in Bethlehem.                                                                                               +Meet with students at Bethlehem University to hear their point of view.                                +Hear of some working conditions for the people living under Occupation.                     +Interviews with  Dr.Mazin Qumsieh, a Professor from Bethlehem University to learn of the water problem and how he is trying to build up Palestine for greater independence into the future.                                                                                                                               +Hopefully visit and eat with the Bedouin families and hear of their latest struggles with the military.                                                                                                                                      +Visit with nonviolent activists in Hebron and hear from Youth against the Settlements.     +Work with Christian Peacemaker Teams and help monitor school checkpoints for the children in Hebron.                                                                                                                         +Visit Tel Rumeida in Hebron, home of King David before Jerusalem, and visit a family living there.                                                                                                                                             +Visit the Baka Valley to understand the farmers’ plight and the importance of water in dry farming.

All this and most especially a sense of COMMUNITY with the rest of the delegation members.  Please Call sr. Paulette 567.230 0220.  or email: or go to facebook



The Kings Bay Plowshares Court hearing………

Religious Freedom Court Report

Here’s a longer summary of what happened in the court appearance Nov 19 which was the second and concluding part of the motion to dismiss according to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It was a day of powerful testimonies from the defendants but we have only partial quotes here. The transcript should be available soon where the full testimony will be seen.

BRUNSWICK, GA – The Kings Bay Plowshares evidentiary hearing regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has concluded after a second full day of testimony November 19. Five of the seven defendants testified at the hearing on Monday. The activists are facing three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge with a possible 25 year sentence. They were arrested April 5 at Naval Station Kings Bay on the Florida border as part of their protest against Trident submarines and the D5 missiles they carry.

The seven Plowshares activists are asking the court to dismiss their charges because the government failed to offer them the least-restrictive means of resolving the charges against them.

Monday’s hearing was the conclusion of two days of testimony regarding the RFRA. The defendants explained their “deeply held religious beliefs,” and how their practice of their religion has been burdened by the government’s response to their actions. The RFRA requires the government to take claims of sincere religious exercise seriously.

Defendants Fr. Steven Kelly, S.J. and Clare Grady gave their testimony Nov. 7. In addition to the remaining five co-defendants testifying Nov. 19, the prosecution called its second of two witnesses, a civilian communications official for the base.

After the testimonies, Magistrate Judge Benjamin Cheesbro denied motions from several co-defendants requesting a lessening of their bond restrictions, including removal of ankle monitors for the five defendants who are released on bond. They challenged the government’s contention that the five are a “danger to community safety.” Kelly and Elizabeth McAlister remain incarcerated in the Glynn County Detention Center.

In their testimonies throughout the day several defendants noted that the Trident nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to all of God’s creation.

Elizabeth McAlister, from Baltimore, who turned 79 years old a few days ago while in jail, recounted her testimony for the trial for a 1983 Plowshares action in which she referenced a paper she and Elmer Mass had prepared, “The government has set up a religion of nuclearism. It is terrifying and dead, dead wrong. It is a form of idolatry in this culture, spoken about with a sense of awe. It’s a total contradiction to our faith. It puts trust in weapons, not trust in God.”

“God is our strength,” McAlister said, then quoting scripture: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Carmen Trotta, from the NY Catholic Worker, said that the government’s possession of nuclear weapons imposes a burden on all religious faith. He quoted the Catholic Church’s Vatican II documents:

“The arms race is a treacherous trap for humanity. Nations should mature to take care of one another. Nuclear weapons prevent us from having mutual cooperation with each other rather than mutual destruction.”

Patrick O’Neill, from Garner, NC Catholic Worker, said everyone in the courtroom had much more in common, that the defendants and the prosecution truly shared a compelling interest to prevent nuclear war.

“It is our universal burden,” he said. “We can’t separate our religion and our faith from our lives, they are the same thing. Our Catholic faith calls us to uphold the sanctity of life and to preserve creation.”

O’Neill said the real sin present at Naval Station Kings Bay are the Trident II D-5 nuclear missiles on the Ohio-class submarines for which the base serves as the home port.

Martha Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day, the co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, spoke of the formation of her faith. Hennessy said early on she learned that nuclear weapons threaten all of God’s creation, and are directly opposed to her religious beliefs.

“I’m a grandmother, as a few of us are here,” Hennessy said. “I don’t care just for my children, but all the children in the world.”

Mark Colville, of New Haven, CT Catholic Worker, testified his faith forms the foundation of his conscience.

“It’s the rudder of the ship of my life,” he said. “The sins of omission interfere with my faith in God.”

Colville spoke of what the Plowshares were trying to do in community with an image former CIA officer turned political activist Ray McGovern visualized about the cathedral near the World War II concentration camp at Buchenwald.

“The incense of the ceremonial prayers within the church outside Buchenwald, rising upward to God as our prayers,” he said, “ and over the wall just beyond the smoke from the chimneys of the death camps, the ashes of our brothers and sisters rising upward… and the two streams of smoke mixing above. Whose prayers are being answered by God? Kings Bay Naval Base is labeled as a death camp for the entire world in the waiting.”

“What I’m charged with just seems so very petty compared to nuclear annihilation,” Colville said. “Yes, we went in the night and cut through the fence. We’re called to go into the darkness, to bring into light, to expose what is hidden.”

It is not known when Judge Cheesbro will make his ruling following this hearing. The parties have 20 days to file additional written arguments. If he rules against the defendants’ motion to dismiss a date will then be set for their trial.

The Plowshares movement began in the early 1980s and advocates active resistance to war usually involving symbolic protest and the damaging of weapons and military property. There have been about 100 Plowshares protests worldwide.

“The victory of the day,” said Patrick O’Neill after the hearing, “Was that truth was spoken by all defendants.”
“It is clear that is the threat.”

Video footage of earlier events and additional details on the court filings and legal updates are available on the Kings Bay Plowshares Facebook page and the website: