Visit Israel/Palestine with Project Peace

Project Peace will be leading a delegation to the West Bank from May 5-15, staying first in Jerusalem to explore and interview Peace Activists: both Jewish and Palestinian. From there we’ll travel to Bethlehem, stay with Palestinian families, explore the area, study the WALL, interview organizations trying to deal with the Occupation, and then travel to Hebron where we’ll stay with the Christian Peacemakers while interviewing, visiting with Palestinians, hopefully meeting the settlers and the soldiers. I’m hoping to be able to travel right up to the border of Gaza also and visit the Jewish city affected by the quassam rockets. From there it’s back to Jerusalem or Bil’in, the little town resisting the Occupation and the Wall being built on their land. From there it’s HOME. I hope you’ll each consider the possibility of making this journey. The price will be between 2500-2800 dollars including air fare, and all accommodations, tips, etc. Much peace to each of you. Paulette

ImageLast year’s delegation