Open Letter to Pope Francis to speak out for the children of Palestine

FOSNA Initiates Open Letter to Pope


On Ash Wednesday, FOSNA delivered an Open Letter to Pope Francis signed by over 200 bishops, clergy, members of religious orders, and theologians asking the Pope to speak out against the targeting and systematic abuse of Palestinian children by the Israeli military.


Please add your name in support of the Open Letter!

Signatures will be delivered to the Pope before his May 2014 pilgrimage to the Holy Land.



Why has FOSNA taken this initiative?

FOSNA initiated this Open Letter in the hope that Pope Francis will speak out for the people of Palestine as he has boldly spoken for the poor and oppressed elsewhere. 

For three generations, violence against Palestinian children has been perpetrated with impunity as Israel has continued its belligerent occupation and illegal colonization of Palestine. These abuses have been well documented by numerous Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights organizations.

The Open Letter to Pope Francis is the first step in a growing campaign to educate and mobilize faith and other communities to end the abuse of Palestinian children and the occupation that oppresses them and their families.


7 things you can do, now that you’ve signed the petition:


1. Send the petition to your networks, friends, family, etc.


2. Share the press release on social media sites and with local news outlets.


3. Encourage members of your church, temple, mosque or other religious, spiritual or service groups to sign the petition to the Pope. Set up an informational table after services.Here is a sample handout: Full page version and half page version.  Add an announcement to the weekly service bulletin and in your denomination’s regional listserve or e-blast. We can help! Contact:


4. Forward the Open Letter to your elected officials and let them know you have signed it: All U.S. Senators can be contacted through and all U.S. Representatives through


5. If you are a Christian, hold a Lenten study group in your church, college, or club to educate people about the situation in Palestine/Israel. Click herefor study guides.


6. Commemorate the United Nations Intnl Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression on June 4. Submit your ideas for mobilizing and actions


  1. Sign up to get campaign updates and resources.



Two Hands… hand extended in acceptance of the person and the other in nonacceptance of the violence

This is one of the exercises Josie Setzler and I participated in with Campaign Nonviolence which is a national effort to shift priorities in our country away from militarism, poverty, non-sustainability to justice and peace in all these arenas. Campaign Nonviolence will be mounting efforts the next months across the nation and will culminate in hundreds of actions performed during the week of Sept. 21-27. If you’d like to be more involved, call 419.447.0435 ext. 136

Nonviolence Campaign

Over this past weekend March 8,9 Josie Setzler and I traveled to Chicago to take training to better promote Campaign Nonviolence.  This national effort is being made by Pace e Bene with promoters in 32 states at this point.  Josie and I along with another gentleman are the Ohio promoters.

Our effort will be to train people in every direction in Ohio into nonviolence on each level of our lives:  personal, communal, and national.  We hope to help build up a momentum which by September 21–International Day of Peace–will bring Actions across the United States to further peace in all our communities across the nation.

We really want you and your groups you are involved in to seriously think about hosting us in giving this same training so we can slowly but surely help transform our culture for the future of our children and all.

My big hope: repeal of military force law in 2014 | Toledo Faith & Values

A recent article by Sr. Paulette, published at ToledoFAVS

My big hope: repeal of military force law in 2014 | Toledo Faith & Values.

I’m breathing deeply at the moment, trying to center myself after engaging in an hour-long conference call with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in Washington, D.C. The online call informed about 100 of us about the far-reaching powers of the passage of the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

U.S. Capitol Building. Photo by David Yonke/Toledo Faith & Values

The law, enacted immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the World Trace Center, gave the president unchecked power in making possible such things as Guantanamo’s indefinite detention and torture, military strikes using drones, and the NSA spying into the private lives of U.S. citizens and anyone else thought to be a “suspect in terrorist activities.”  – Continue reading at: