More posts from the Project Peace delegation to Palestine

The delegation is sending some beautiful posts full of marvelous photos from their travels in the West Bank.  You may view their posts at their Tumblr blog   We encourage you to check their site periodically in the coming days.  They’ll return on May 17.

Matt tells us:

“The faces of the Occupation. Everywhere we have gone in the West Bank, Palestinians have taken us into their homes, fed us, and made us laugh and cry. The experience has been moving.
“God gave us eyes to see the truth,” Amal told us over mint tea infused with sage from the Tent of Nations, above Bethlehem. When asked the solution to Palestinian/Israeli problems, Sami told us that we must begin with ourselves—what is within us, and why can’t peace start with the personal experience? Incredible lesson from the Intifada, incursions, and checkpoints. Everyone we have met has said the same—we are not out for revenge, we just want to live.”

2 thoughts on “More posts from the Project Peace delegation to Palestine

  1. paulette schroeder May 11, 2014 / 11:37 am

    This is now the end of the 5th. day and we are in Jerusalem…it’s been a great team with a few snags, but overall, everyone has fared well.. Today it was all over Jerusalem to see how the building of the WALL and the confiscation of land is squeezing out the Palestinians. Then we visited a Jewish Monitoring agency of all abuses within the West Bank….they work hard to change policies of Israel which have a negative impact on the Palestinians. After this we met with Rabbis for Human Rights and Arik Ascherman the spokesperson was so dynamic and passionate calling forth all Jews to honor their heritage and their traditions of justice and real truth telling, etc. It was a superb day…..I hope you are all so very well.
    Lovingly, Paulette

  2. rozannes May 12, 2014 / 2:11 pm

    Greetings one and all!

    Here are some new posts from Project Peace and the delegation that is with Paulette in Palestine. To view click below on the words “More posts from the Project Peace delegation to Palestine.” What a wonderful way to stay connected.



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