not a word about incitement against the Palestinians…..

senator kerry

Senator Kerry spoke out about the Palestinian attack against the Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem’s synagogue on Nov. 17.  He called it “pure terror” and yet said nothing about the incitement of the Israeli Military on the Palestinians just prior to this attack:

There’s been plenty of Israeli incitement in recent days, and two Palestinian children were lately blinded by rubber bullets, and on Sunday night a Palestinian bus driver was found hanged, and Palestinians all over East Jerusalem are subject to unrelenting occupation and persecution.

But for American officials, the terror killings of four Jewish men in a West Jerusalem synagogue today are the one and only story. “Pure terror,” as our secretary of state puts it. President Obama condemned the killings with not a word about the Palestinian experience:

We know that two attackers senselessly and brutally attacked innocent worshippers in a synagogue during their morning prayers. Obviously, we condemn in the strongest terms these attacks.A number of people were wounded, and four people were killed, including three American citizens.So this is a tragedy for both nations, Israel as well as the United States.And our hearts go out to the families who obviously are undergoing enormous grief right now.

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