Our first discussion on The Nonviolent Life by John Dear

Yesterday’s first discussion on THE NONVIOLENT LIFE by John Dear brought about some strong realizations:

john dear book picture

We are not separate individuals with MY will and YOUR will; rather we are all IN the Will of God.  The energy of all proceeds from ONE SOURCE so we can’t separate from one another.  I’m seeing so partially, narrowly to think of myself apart from everyone else and to think of only the gifts and limits of this or that individual self.  I am ONE with and this oneness means I share in ALL the strengths and gifts and limitations of the other person.  The seeds, the weavings are in and through all of us at the same time.  Your strengths are my strengths because we are ONE.  Your sorrows and incompleteness are mine too.  We are ONE and are meant to share so intimately and completely with each other so that we all become whole and free and full of life and love. With this acceptance of this truth we are strong beyond imagining and we can accomplish almost anything. To fully realize this truth is to be totally nonviolent and loving.  We are called to accept this  truth.

One thought on “Our first discussion on The Nonviolent Life by John Dear

  1. Paul Helbling December 2, 2014 / 8:00 pm

    It is the eternal story of all seekers down through the ages. Oneness in ourselves, oneness in creation and oneness in the cosmos. But do we believe in oneness, do we live oneness and do we experience oneness? Or are we only left to work for oneness in all of it levels?

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