Center for Constitutional Rights reports:

No Separate Justice campaign shines light on “War on Terror” abuses at home

Alongside the grave violations of human rights and international law of Guantánamo, there is a lesser known set of abuses that take place on U.S. soil in pursuit of the so-called “War on Terror.” These range from inhumane conditions of confinement in federal prisons, both pre- and post-trial, to dubious prosecutions for charges like “material support,” to the extensive surveillance of Muslim communities. The No Separate Justice campaign, a coalition effort that CCR was instrumental in launching, is dedicated to exposing these injustices. They focus on telling the stories of the flesh-and-blood victims of these practices. As part of their work, they hold monthly vigils outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, where many of the victims of abusive detention practices are held. Their rally tonight (6pm – if you’re in New York City, see our event page for details) will feature Omar Shakir, one of CCR’s Bertha Justice Institute fellows, who will report on CCR and Muslim Advocates’ Hassan v. City of New York case, which challenges the NYPD’s systemic surveillance of Muslim communities in New Jersey. The No Separate Justice campaign sits at the intersection of so many of CCR’s commitments, including torture accountability, challenging solitary confinement, and ending Muslim profiling and separate

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