Two Updates from the Project Peace Delegation to the Holy Land

Palestine 057

Latest Updates

Sr. Paulette’s Sept. 18 post from Bethlehem:

We made several important stops in Bethlehem today including that of coming to understand Palestine Kairos better and visiting Wiam which works to help reconcile people with each other when there are conflicts. What worked on my mind and heart most today though was the street activity.

Friday’s the prayer day for the Muslims, and during the last days the Israeli military is making movement onto the Palestinian mosque threshold. Palestinians know from experience that this means perhaps some of this famous mosque will be handed over to the Jews and will become a synagogue. Then Israel yesterday said that the soldiers have permission to now use live ammunition for anyone who has thrown a stone at them. This has enraged the Palestinians who don’t have any defense nor voice to raise their concerns.

We escaped the tear gas, but lots of young Palestinians did not. Tomorrow will be a tamer day.

Sr. Paulette’s Sept. 22 post from Hebron:

We’re on the last leg of our journey and what a journey it has been! The nine of us now pretty much seem like a family…I mean you’d find the fussing among us that you’d find in a natural family. Everyone is helping to lead the group it seems!

We interviewed an Israeli settler who presently lives in Efrat settlement. He was so congenial and hospitable to us,but when we began to question him about all the information we received from the U.N., from the research water rights group Arij, and after we had walked through the refugee camps and had talked with the people of the camp, this settler gentleman said what all these people had said are lies.

Now in Hebron, it is tense because a 17 yr old young Palestinian woman was killed today and just recently a whole Palestinian family was burned by the settlers and they all died. We are on the eve of a holy day for both the Jewish and the Palestinian communities. That makes it tense here with many more soldiers and settlers out on the streets. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but all the people could use a prayer.

In just 2 more days we will be heading home. So many of the Palestinians have begged us to come to their homes to eat with them. How I wish we could have time to enjoy all their hospitality.

I shall blog one more time yet before we leave this land which MUST become more “holy.”

Much peace!

Sr. Paulette

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