Palestinians practice “sumud” (steadfastness) even at great loss.

This is actually a house in Bethlehem surrounded on 3 sides by the WALL which has graffiti covering every inch of the Palestinian side.  The family doesn’t see the sun rise ever. The family struggles to hold on to this land.  We saw many many such strange sights while we made our delegation to Occupied Palestine.antasas

2 thoughts on “Palestinians practice “sumud” (steadfastness) even at great loss.

  1. Outremer September 28, 2015 / 11:10 pm

    Paulette, thanks for posting this! I know the place– and the people– well, from my time living in Bethlehem and/or guiding people there. They are Christians, whose family name, Anastas, derives from the Greek word for “resurrection”.

    As you say, these folks struggle to hold onto their family property against great odds. The situation is totally bizarre– unique, really– but otherwise represents perfectly the thousands of other Palestinians who live under the relentless threat of dispossession every day.

    For more, see here (and follow links):


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