2016 Delegation to the West Bank and Israel

Project Peace of the Sisters of St. Francis is planning its annual delegation to the West Bank and Israel from October 31st to November 10th.

Fueled by a mission to promote friendships and understanding about Palestinians in the midst of conflicts in the Middle East, Project Peace travels to the area each year to promote nonviolence.

The price of the delegation is $2,800.  This price includes the flight from Ohio, room and board, stipends for speakers and similar events, and transportation in the area.

Some highlights of this year’s journey include meeting with leaders of the nonviolent resistance, education about the Occupation given from both sides of the Wall, visits to a refugee camp, working with Christian Peacemaker Teams and Palestinian resistance leaders, and meetings with many different interesting people.

Despite violence rising since October of 2015, agencies on the ground have assured that the area is safe for tourists.  Sister Paulette Schroeder, coordinator for Project Peace, says, “Perhaps it is even more important now to see and hear about the reality of the people.”

If you are interested in joining this peace delegation or have any questions pertaining to it, please contact Sister Paulette Schroeder at (419) 447-0433 extension 136 or pauletteosf@hotmail.com.

One thought on “2016 Delegation to the West Bank and Israel

  1. Matt Meyer May 21, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    An excellent opportunity to see the Palestine situation up close with a wonderful guide!

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