4th. day of Seneca County Fair

Wow!  I can hardly believe the crowds of children and adults who come to our peace booths this year.  On this day we had 232 children and adults combined. For the 4 days we’ve had 704 visitors so far. All this visiting surely takes a lot of energy!  Hail and hardy we must be!  And though the tattoos are running out, the headbands and “Pops for Peace” are going strong.

One of the general lovely things I’ve noticed again this year is how encouraging most of the families are toward their children when they linger at our booths.  I want to think that

it’s the HOPE our booths on peacemaking inspire within the adults.  A couple from Knoxville, Tennessee underlined with their knowledge and their support all our efforts toward eventually eliminating WAR.  

I am so thankful for all the support received.

Much peace to each of you.  sr. Paulette

My Second Day at the Seneca County Fair

Yvonne is a volunteer at our Pax Christi and Project Peace almost every day this fair week. She shares this story:

Upon inviting a grandmother and her 17 yr. old granddaughter to explore the Peace Booth, I found a captivating story unfold.

Grandmother, “Carolyn Faith,” had been the Host Family to 17 yr. old “Robie’s” father, some 20 years ago from the Netherlands.  He was not only incorporated into the “Faith” family for that school but became a son of their heart for life.  Soon after, they traveled to the Netherlands to attend his wedding.  When Robie was born, Carolyn became their granddaughter.  History repeats itself.  Robie  visited the family with her parents at age 8 and became their exchange student in high school, immersing herself into a new culture and language.

As we three spoke of the importance of pursuing peace through love and respect, honoring the differences in other cultures and religions, tears welled in the eyes of this beautiful grandmother.  “I don’t know if you can share your story about you and your Mother’s visit to Africa, without crying, but will you, Robie?”

Robie shared that her Mother and she visited Africa with a group.  Upon meeting some poor African children, her mother gave some small toys, paper to construct paper animals and played with the children–she had thought ahead to bring such items.Tearfully, Robie shared she just could not understand how the others in the group didn’t share from their abundance with these poor African children.

Her broken heart has led her to begin studies in Anthropology at the University in the Netherlands upon returning to her homeland in a couple weeks.  She has determined in her heart to bridge the gap that divides by respecting the uniqueness of each culture, not impose our way of doing things upon them and then one day returning to Africa and other countries.

This story at the Peace Booth enriched and touched my heart.  This faith family brings me hope to fight for the right and for PEACE.                               Yvonne E.Soldan


Yes!  Yes!  Lord, yes!’                                                                                                                                         To your Will and to Your Way,                                                                                                                         With my whole heart, I will say,                                                                                                                   “Yes, Lord, Yes!”                                    Joyful Evangelist




Thoughts from the Poverty March

Participating in the Poverty March on Monday, July 18th in Cleveland opened my eyes a little farther to people who I now know in a more tangible way.  I really need to pry open my heart farther.

I heard an undocumented lady speak of her inner anger over this country’s hardness of heart- after her many years of living as a good citizen.

I found it difficult but necessary to let the African American’s rage and fear deeper into my heart with emotions expressed so deeply in rap and poetry.  Their personal stories invite me to continue softening my heart.

My inner journey towards oneness sometimes feels like it’s only beginning!

-Sister Paulette

Project Peace at Seneca County Fair

foot_prints_walkingBe sure to visit the Project Peace booth, “Steps to Peace,” in the Old Merchant’s Building during the Seneca County Fair from July 25-July 30.  Help your kids make peace headbands and enjoy temporary peace tattoos.  Enter a raffle for an outstanding papier mache  sculpture and try your wits on a peace question with the game: “Pops for Peace.”  A huge world display will also invite each person to put their footprint across the world with their name on it.  This will include a commitment to be part of the nonviolent solution to violence throughout our lands.

-Sister Paulette

Delegation to Palestine Cancelled

I am so sad to report that I was unable to recruit for our annual Palestine delegation this year.  We shall work for another effort in 2017 spring or early fall. Hopefully Hebron will be in greater peace by that time.

Thank you to all who showed interest and support for this trip.  If you have interest for next year’s delegation possibly, would you please call me:  419.447.0435 ext. 136.  I am as committed as ever to “lift the voices of the Palestinian people in our American society.”

sr.Paulette Schroeder