The Fire……Mazin Qumsiheh

Over 200 forest fires are raging in Palestine (now renamed the Jewish State
of Israel including its occupied Palestinian territories). Many countries
are helping put out the fires including four teams of Palestinian
firefighters (no body helped Gaza when it was being fire-bombed by white
phosphorous). But the fascist racist government of “Israel” blamed the
Palestinians for the fires! Even some decent Israelis pointed out that
fires are raging across Western Asia (aka the “Middle East”). Here is a map
put out by one Israeli website of location of fires across the region
including in Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey:

Perhaps coincidentally or otherwise, right after war criminal Netanyahu
blamed Palestinians, new fires erupted near Palestinian communities. If you
really want to know who is to blame for the damage, it is clearly Zionism
as I wrote in many articles and books before. In 1901 at the World Zionist
Congress and despite objections of conscientious Jews, a Jewish National
Fund (Keren Keyemet Li’Israel, or KKL) was establish to further “Jewish
colonization” (the term they used) of Palestine. One of the tasks was to
raise money and they used the gimmick of collecting money for trees. Indeed
they did plant trees but it was unfortunately the highly flammable European
pine tree. After 1948-1949 when some 500 Palestinian villages and towns
were depopulated, their lands (cultivated with figs, almonds, olives and
other trees) were razed to the ground and again resinous and inflammable
pine trees were planted. The same happened after 1967 when here Palestinian
villages were demolished and their village lands planted with the same
European pines, one of those villages s the biblical Imwas (see photos
before and after here: ).

The choice of European pine trees was because a) they grow fast, b) they
give a European look to the otherwise “Arab” landscape, c) their leaves on
the ground make  acidic preventing growth or regrowth of endogenous trees.
In total KKL boasts that it planted 240 million pine trees. Resinous pine
is like petrol and burns with a ferocity. This was not the only
environmentally catastrophic decision by the Zionist movement in Palestine
(others include draining the Hula Wetlands and the diversion of the water
of the river Jordan and now the Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal).  Environmentally,
the current fires are deadly to all living creatures regardless of their
origins and they do spread t the remaining few indigenous forests and to
human dwellings (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist without distinction).

We environmentalists (Palestinian and Israeli) have longed warned of the
catastrophic consequences of politically driven decisions guided by
colonial ideology but devastating to native animals and plants.  So here we
are the remaining native Palestinians watching our lands go up in flames
and being blamed for it. This is not unusual and we are the victims of
others from long ago. We even paid the price of what happened in WWII (by
Europeans to fellow Europeans). I am thinking now if a meteor hits earth,
we Palestinians will also pay a disproportionate price. 7 million of us are
refugees or displaced people.

We in the Palestine Museum of Natural History and Palestine Institute of
Biodiversity and Sustainability ( urge
protection of our nature. Environmental conservation is a priority for all
decent human beings including guarding biodiversity (and human diversity).

My presentation in Paris

How did Zionism became the dominant feature among Jews in the world? Here
is a clue from 1942 that, however, does not even mention that Palestine had
its native population who are now mostly refugees or displaced people (7
million of 12 million native Palestinian Christians and Muslims) thanks to
this colonial ideology called Zionism
“Zionism an Affirmation of Judaism A reply by 757 Orthodox, Conservative
and Reform Rabbis of America to a Statement Issued by Ninety Members of the
Reform Rabbinate Charging That Zionism Is Incompatible with the Teachings
of Judaism.” by “American Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs New York
1942” [note that these Rabbis themselves use “colonial” anyway but without
mentioning natives but that is typical of such movements but also note that
they are responding to 90 decent Jewish Rabbis. Alas the struggle continues
between the two camps I discussed in my last weekly email]

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