letter to Governor to protect freedom of speech


My name is (insert full name) and I am an Ohio resident.

I am writing to ask you to veto H.B. 476: the bill to prohibit a state agency from contracting with a company that disinvests from or boycotts Israel.

The bill also violates the US Foreign Policy over the past 50 years by both Republican and Democratic administrations by supporting illegal Israeli settlement expansion, the end of which is the objective of the international non-violent Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement.

Furthermore, an amendment was introduced at the last minute by surprise in the House by Rep Sprague to double the 1% of Ohio assets to 2% (amounting to about $130 million) for investment in a foreign country, specifically Israel. Please don’t risk our money in an unstable country in an unstable region.

Please support the right of Ohioans to boycott Israel and I think you should too. Did you know that Palestinians in the occupied territories are subjected to forcible relocation, demolition of their homes, theft of land, systematic infringement against civil, social, economic, and cultural rights, segregation, institutional discrimination, and other abuses documented by the United Nations? The situation is no better inside Israel, where Palestinian citizens are prohibited from living in more than 400 Jewish communities in Israel.

Please protect my constitutional right to free speech. Please stand up for human rights against oppression and discrimination, by stopping this unconstitutional Bill.

Attached you will find a legal memo explaining why H.B. 476 is unlawful. Also, here is a link to the legal memo explaining why it violates state and federal laws. http://uscpr.org/…/u…/2016/11/whyHB476isunconstitutional.pdf


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