Preparing now for Seneca County Fair

firecracker 2Yeah for robust and excited gatherings as will be gathering tomorrow night at Hedges and which will also gather at Seneca County Fairgrounds from July 24-30.  Every year that Project Peace and Pax Christi have had a booth there in the same space, it has been really fun to deal with all the kids and folks who stop to try to understand the way we are presenting the possibilities of a nonviolent life to them.  I LOVE IT!  Last year there were over 1100 people who somehow learned from our booth.

This year our theme will be “Light a Candle for Peace” in honor of Lindsay Kagy who recently passed away from cancer.  Lindsay supported the work of Project Peace so beautifully.  She was on our second last delegation to Palestine also.  She will be with us at the Fair I’m sure.

Please plan to stop on over at the Old Merchant Building…we’re about 100 feet in on the right aisle.  I’d love to be introduced to you.

Also if you’d like to volunteer a shift at the booth (3-4 hours) one day, that would be most helpful.  There are tips given to each volunteer to help the person know how to present what the display is to visitors.

much peace ALWAYS.

sr. Paulette Schroeder

One thought on “Preparing now for Seneca County Fair

  1. Leanne Kerschner July 3, 2017 / 3:09 pm


    Hope all goes well.

    Blessings Much love, Leanne

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