Even Tiffin OH joined “March for Lives”

IMG_1531Yesterday in solidarity with the 500-1,000,000 young people marching for “their lives” in D.C. we here in Tiffin tried to rally a group together almost at the last moment. There were, at the most, 20 of us at one time. Thanks to the 3 young women Kirsten and Lauren and Kate wanted to be there, we had a fine remembrance of the 17 students killed in Parkland, Florida. The Sisters of St. Francis “gun statement” was also read to the group and a person who had been an aide in a school spoke as to how horrible it is for parents who send their kids to school not sure anymore if their kids are safe. We stood for an hour getting lots and lots of toots from area people who also want safety for their children in school without the use of guns.

sr. Paulette