Gideon Levy speaks on Israel’s Influence on the U.S.

Be sure to check out this amazing, honest speech of Gideon Levy on Israel’s Influence on our U.S. government and the American people’s consciousness.

Gideon Levy


One thought on “Gideon Levy speaks on Israel’s Influence on the U.S.

  1. Outremer March 3, 2018 / 11:15 pm

    Paulette: Thanks for sharing this. When I lived over there, I followed Gideon Levy’s comments regularly in the pages of the Haaretz print edition — it’s the only mainstream Israeli media outlet reliably offering a balanced perspective on all that goes on over there (some content is free on-line, the rest by subscription). To whatever degree Levy seems strident and ‘over the top’ at times, I believe it’s because he knows so much, sees so clearly, and cares so deeply about issues of justice. (Likewise for Haaretz reporter/commentator Amira Hass.)

    Levy’s speech in the video goes back almost 2 years now, to the 2016 U.S. primary election season — and I wish it felt more dated, but it doesn’t! All the same issues are still there: With America as its chief facilitator, Israel blithely tramples underfoot another people, with no end in sight. The main difference under Trump: America, officially, no longer even pretends to embrace notions of fairness, decency and human rights with regard to the Palestinians. Meanwhile, our involvements in the larger region seem custom-designed to promote maximum chaos and perpetual war…

    TOM POWERS / Waynesville, NC

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