Try @Tiffin4Peace

We have such a wonderful DREAM for Tiffin.  We truly want Tiffin to be a town in which the residents–all residents–feel visible, important to the operation of a town.

I’m reading NEW POWER by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms.  Here is a review quote from Amazon. “For most of human history, the rules of power were clear: power was something to be seized and then jealously guarded. This “old power” was out of reach for the vast majority of people. But our ubiquitous connectivity makes possible a different kind of power. “New power” is made by many. It is open, participatory, and peer-driven. It works like a current, not a currency–and it is most forceful when it surges. The battle between old and new power is determining who governs us, how we work, and even how we think and feel.”

I find the book fascinating and a model of how we want Tiffin4Peace to work….Please try our site:  @Tiffin4Peace and follow us and be one who is helping to make Tiffin be the “dream” city we want it to be for ALL its people.

Thanks. sr. PauletteNV-Cities-Header-for-cities-page-3

One thought on “Try @Tiffin4Peace

  1. Marge Carnahan June 3, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    This sounds like a very important book….. I will read it. Thanks, Paulette!

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