Last day at the Fair

fair sattrinitycheerleadersfather and daughter

This many people signed a link to Senators Portman and Sherrod Brown to step up to the plate and support both the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and to support common sense climate change laws NOW.
The second picture–Trinity Lascelett from our Advisory Board–standing in front of our Nonviolent Tiffin explanation chart. Trinity is truly a wonderful fair (in so many of its dimensions) explainer to me. She was one of Project Peace’s great volunteers.
The third picture caught 4 little cheerleaders who offered to perform some of their prize-winning cheers in front of our booth for the whole side of the building to enjoy.The 4th. picture features a young proud father with his small child.  So touching.
What a good day. We ended up with 1141 visitors to our Pax Christi and Project Peace booth with 9 new people wanting Pax Christi to put them on our list. YEAH for all the activities to draw people into our company!

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