fair 2(written also in Project Peace’s September newsletter)

If we have somewhat of a global sense of our citizenship in this world, I don’t know how we can describe our world in any other way but that it is in widespread chaos…and we are being called to do our part to bring some harmony and peace to it.

The upside of all the swirling mess going on politically and church-wise is that people who are very concerned are extending themselves more into the public arena, trying to add some positive energy and love to the picture. Though the greed and the government corruption get far more attention than the good people do every day, we trust that eventually love and justice will win out. It shall take a mountain of good will and hard work to build up respect for truth and trust in people who are, by their position, supposed to be trustworthy people.
However, in the midst of our confused culture, we must hang together in cooperation and solidarity, deciding step by step, day by day to do what we can for the good of all and then doing it.

Action on behalf of justice and peace can be done in our context with our children, with our participation in our schools, with our courageous voice in our church, with our speaking up in our town halls and with our letters to the editor and our calls to our legislators. Those who represent us must hear from us all year long, not just with our vote at election time

sr. paulette