A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity: A Trip to the Holy Land/Palestine

From June 3-14, 2019 please consider joining a delegation with Sr. Paulette Schroeder to the Holy Land/Palestine to understand the struggle: i.e. to meet with nonviolent leaders, enjoy Palestinian food, travel to and explore Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bi’lin, Hebron and the Bedouin people and many more places. You will learn about the conflict from the people themselves who have been living IN the conflict.

The trip, including airfare is affordable—keeping it below $3000—which includes everything except your personal mementos, etc. The lodging is modest—in a respected hostel, and the days offer some debriefing and down time toward evening.
Please consider joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually be present to many faiths’ sacred sites and to come to an understanding of the source/s of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Call Sr. Paulette 567.230.0220 for more information.zeileka

Christmas Parade downtown Tiffin with 6th. grade Peace Club

We had such fun together at the Christmas Parade.  The peace club wanted very much to share some excitement with downtown Tiffin. The kids  threw candy, shouted Merry Christmas and had great fun with the hundreds of people along the roadway. What a good group of young people!  I was so proud of and happy for them.  It rained all the way, but they held to their goal with grit.parade 2

parade 3parade 1