I miss all of you…..

Dear friends of Project Peace or Nonviolent Tiffin and Pax Christi,

It’s been such a strange summer hasn’t it? As Governor Como puts it “we’re on the other side of the curve” at least in New York. I don’t think we can say that about the whole United States, but if we all continue working our part to “turn the page” on COVID-19, we’ll eventually be ok. I love his “fact” substantiation on the situation each day.

Soon we will all be concentrating on this continuing situation and on the election coming up in November. My encouragement is “let’s do the groundwork” in trying to reflect on the needs of the Common Good all across the board in terms of the “seamless garment of life” with trying to do all we can to promote dignity and making it easier for all people everywhere of all economic levels and strata of society to truly be their best person.

THank you……..please respond and try to spread this website will you? It’s one way all peace groups can promote peacemaking and report….anyone can make posts. https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/projectpeacetiffin.com

Blessings to all.

sr. Paulette