Even Tiffin OH joined “March for Lives”

IMG_1531Yesterday in solidarity with the 500-1,000,000 young people marching for “their lives” in D.C. we here in Tiffin tried to rally a group together almost at the last moment. There were, at the most, 20 of us at one time. Thanks to the 3 young women Kirsten and Lauren and Kate wanted to be there, we had a fine remembrance of the 17 students killed in Parkland, Florida. The Sisters of St. Francis “gun statement” was also read to the group and a person who had been an aide in a school spoke as to how horrible it is for parents who send their kids to school not sure anymore if their kids are safe. We stood for an hour getting lots and lots of toots from area people who also want safety for their children in school without the use of guns.

sr. Paulette


Ben Salmon…war resister…written by Mike Fiala from Cleveland Catholic Worker

ben salmon 2

Wednesday Feb 14 is Ash Wednesday, but the next day Feb 15 is the anniversary of the death of Ben Salmon, World War I Catholic War Resister & Martyr.
I met Ben’s daughter, Maryknoll Sister Elizabeth Salmon, in 2007, when i was at a workshop w Ched Myers in 2007 at Maryknoll. z
I was talking w Sr. Elisabeth, who was attending the workshop, about herself and then my involvement in the Cleveland Catholic Worker, and our work against war-making. Sr Elisabeth then mentioned that she was the daughter of Ben Salmon and his life.
I knew of Ben Salmon through various sources, especially All Saints book by Richard Ellsberg. We talked further and she told me how much her father’s story was suppressed in her own family, because of the ostracism that the family had experienced due to her father’s witness.
I told her then that her father, Ben Salmon, was a powerful witness to many of us. And that his sufferings and death (and his family’s sufferings) spoke to us from beyond death into an eternal witness.
Ben Salmon died in 1932 at age 42, having suffered for many years from the beatings and affliction during his imprisonment.
He had originally been sentenced to death for his refusal to participate in WWI, due to his beliefs as a Catholic and follower of Jesus’ teachings.
REad selected stories from Ben Salmon himself and as well others.
His witness has been suppressed, but now is receiving the attention and power it deserves.
http://www.jonahhouse.org/archive/BenSalmonltr.htm by Ben Salmon himself
http://www.jonahhouse.org/archive/BenSalmon.htm by Daniel Berrigan

Leading the Way for Peace – Maryknoll Sisters

First Day of Actions and Fast for the Men in Guantanamo

guantanamo 2Hello everyone!

We woke up to a very cold day in D.C.–about 20 degrees.  I dressed in about 5 layers and then off to the Pentagon where the Catholic Worker vigils every Monday morning on behalf of this institution changing into a place where peace is learned, where a spirit of militarism and war are changed into feeding the hungry and educating and feeding our children better.  We pictured each of the five wings of the PEN-tagon devoted to a different human need here and in the world.  We each got a chance to speak and I spoke on behalf of our family–our brothers  locked up in Guantanamo without a charge and without a hearing for 16 years now.  26 of the 41 men still there have been cleared but continue to be deprived of reuniting with their family.  I’ve included some pictures of our event.  We stood there for an hour with men and women galore passing us by on their way to work.  Some of them looked at us, a few smiled, but we addressed them all as brothers and sisters, as family.  We said to them that we’d work as hard for them if they were treated like our brothers in Guantanamo.
After that event, we ate our last breakfast together this week and then joined together for prayer and reflection.  We had a chance to hear where the 20 of us came from and what passion we’re involved with.  Some are retired professors, some are just plain activists who are in positions to raise their voices a lot; some are students in college; are are Catholic Worker people, some are justice people working in Cleveland or Chicago.  One person–Kathy Kelly–spoke of the huge concern of the children in Yemen who are starving to death because of the Saudi, United Arab Emirate and U.S. provision of bombs and dropping the bombs.  There are 18 clandestine prisons where torture is going on against the Yemenis.
You can see that we’ve already conducted quite a bit of action, and this afternoon we’ll be planning the actions for the next couple days.
Please pray that all this helps make a difference on behalf of justice.  Every little part any of us accomplishes on behalf of justice aids the whole situation.  Thousands of steps make up 500 miles.
My sincere love goes out to you.
sr. Paulette

The nonviolence cities campaign expands


These shopkeepers have been delightful and so willing to incorporate posters made by Tiffin Middle School, by Crossweah, and by Calvert Catholic to help bring greater awareness to the opioid crisis here in Tiffin and elsewhere.  The Nonviolence Cities Campaign here in Tiffin is seeking to help all citizens in Tiffin take on the responsibility to raise their voices on behalf of their kids, their family members and friends and to really assume a moral responsibility in getting help for them before it is too late.


December 2017




Project Peace…

Imagining a World without War


                                                                      BECOMING QUIET, REFLECTIVE

This season with its shimmering snowfalls, with darkness during more hours of the days, with news that shocks us over and over throughout our whole being, begs solitude, reflection, quiet moments “stolen” from our otherwise busy days. What a good time to list the good gifts shared during 2016, to reflect on the tough things that crossed our paths and on the people who stood by us so faithfully.

What a good time, too, to ask the qustion: How can I personally further God’s kingdom of love and justice during 2017? What am I seeing that is very possible for me to take on in this struggle to further God’s dream for our world? Find your spot. Give thought and prayer a heavier weight this holy season. Together, our lives can become very strong.

Would you like to be a supporter of Project Peace:? Pray that we learn the way of nonviolence, spread this newsletter or promote events, donate to Project Peace before the end of the year.—tax deductible: Sisters of St. Francis, Tiffin. (subject line: “Project Peace”)
                                   December 2017


        Project Peace…Imagining a World without War
Dear family, friends, supporters (In every way) of Project Peace,

The deepest peace of soul and mind be yours during this holy season upon us! Admittedly, it is so difficult to embrace the world as it is— like Jesus did when he joined us fully, totally human—during a time of Roman Occupation in Palestine. This season, it seems, is a time to reflect and quietly celebrate our humanity, a huge gift given to help us live life abundantly, joyfully, in solidarity with all humanity throughout our glorious but hurting world. Chilly and snowy, icy weather urges us to pace ourselves more slowly. Is it possible that we open our hearts widely to everyone like the Prince of Peace urges us to? Let the winter of 2017 be marked by special efforts to: act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God of LOVE.

                             Will these Calvert Catholic 7th. Graders Have a Future of nonviolence?

Sr. Nazik Matty from Iraq asked, “Which of the wars we have been in is a just war? In my country, there was no just war. War is the mother of ignorance, isolation and poverty. Please tell the world there is no such thing as a just war.”

“I want to suggest that a just peace ethic, consistent with active nonviolence, is a better way for the Catholic Church to engage in dialogue with others about conflict and war….A just peace approach offers a vision of human flourishing with a corresponding ethic to guide our actions…human dignity and thriving relationships…. A just peace approach has many advantages to just war approaches….less risk of abuse and it better helps us to imagine, and commit to nonviolent practices, while cultivating just peace consistently throughout all stages of conflict….”       Eli McCarthy

These seventh graders are participating in the Transformation of Tiffin into a Peacemaking Town….watch for their projects displayed in store windows, etc. This effort will be town-wide throughout the coming months. Since we can’t count on greater peace happening from the top government ranks, let’s work grassroots with patience, diligence, full participation.                          Www.facebook.com/projectpeacetiffin

Nonviolence Cities Campaign

Slowly, slowly Tiffin is taking on the challenge of becoming a peacemaking community. At the city council on November 20, sr. Paulette handed out a file to each member of the Council with explanations of the project. There was a commendation made by Dawn Iannantuono and hopefully there will be follow-up led by Jim Roberts in his committee. The Art Expressions Project is now going forward in two schools.

Good News toward a Nonviolent Culture

We hear tragic news each day: the massacres, the shootings, the overdoses, etc. It’s time for a little

1.     9 bicycles were given to local men in    recovery. These had been stolen bikes

2.     Peace Poles will be set up at local schools with  a short ritual to explain the significance.

3.     Pope Francis has declared the death penalty now inadmissible— it is no longer allowed by  the official church.   It is a form of vengeance.

4.     In Puerto Rico, there is now a “well coordinated  relief system at Puerto Rico’s 500 parishes in all 6 dioceses. 90% of the people will have  their electric power normalized by Dec. 15!”



Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day; so Tiffin will be celebrating and advocating for everyone’s human dignity by taking a walk around town both as a FAITH WALK to honor the Prince of Peace and as a way to join together during this holy season to acknowledge the Truth that each of us has human dignity. This truth demands equality for all. Sunday, Dec. 10, 1:00   Tiffin courthouse. Www.projectpeacetiffin.com

See: http://www.projectpeacetiffin.com


Project Peace Advisory Board’s Comments

I’ve invited each of the Project Peace advisory board members to speak to each of us: Here are Fr. Steve Blum’s words:

“This Advent season we await the coming of the Prince of Peace—Jesus Christ. This ‘coming’ indicates Jesus’ historical coming in Christmas, the future coming of Jesus—the ‘Parousia’ and his present coming into our lives every day. Sometimes in our obsessive busyness and worry over holiday madness, we can miss the Lord’s coming, and therefore, do not feel his peace. Jesus, the Prince of Peace is always with us. He loves us with a tender, grace-filled heart that overcomes all obstacles and all evil. Look for his peace; pray for His peace; extend His peace to those around you. Remember, His peace always begins at home! “       Www.facebook.com/projectpeacetiffin



   100 yrs. since the Nakba of the Palestinians

It is 100 yrs. since the British handed Palestine over to the Israelis in the Balfour Declaration.. The Jewish leadership did not obey the command of this declaration: to observe the rights of the Palestinians. The Mandate of 1917 actually prepared the way for the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes. Now England cannot only apologize for allowing the Nakba to happen, but can also take a greater part in insuring justice toward the Palestinians today. mondoweiss.net/2017/11/declarations-apologize-palestinian/


Words can be deadly

guns=wordsTomorrow at Tiffin Middle School we will explore how words can be used as bullets.  This will be the 5th. nonviolence skill the students will try to make as practical as possible in their day to day life.  Generally the kids agree that “stupid”  “ugly” and “worthless” are the three most ugly words that someone can call them.

Wish us well.

sr. Paulette

I WALK FOR PEACE and HUMAN DIGNITY at 3:30 downtown Tiffin


Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day; so Tiffin will be celebrating and advocating for everyone’s human dignity by taking a walk around town both as a FAITH WALK to honor the Prince of Peace and as a way to join together during this holy season to acknowledge the Truth that each of us has human dignity. Jesus said this beautifully in becoming ONE OF US.  Sunday, Dec. 10, 3:30   Tiffin courthouse.   I hope to see you.i-walk-for-peace          Www.projectpeacetiffin.com

See: http://www.projectpeacetiffin.com


Palestinian Children—end Military Detention for them….

palestinian picture

Amazing news! This week US congresswoman Betty McCollum introduced a bill to end Israeli detention of Palestinian children! It is historic legislation and we need you to help get as many members of congress to sign onto it as possible.

Contact your representative in Congress. Tell them to add their name to the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act

This week I wrote for the Forward about my experience being arrested with Palestinian children. It was the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had:

They were clearly terrified; many of them were crying. Under Israeli law, once at the police station or army base, arrestees are supposed to have their handcuffs and blindfolds removed. This law was disregarded. That the children, who had not been part of the demonstration, remained blindfolded and handcuffed, showed not just a blatant and willful violation of the law, but real cruelty on the part of the Israeli forces.

Read the full article here. Then tell your Member of Congress to add their name to this historic legislation.

Each year, between 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested and detained in Israeli military court. 75% of them are physically assaulted and 90% of them are denied the right to have a parent or attorney present during interrogation. Not only is Israel the only country in the world that subjects children to a military court system, but only Palestinian, and not Israeli, children are arrested and prosecuted by the military. It is segregated and unequal!

Representative McCollum introduced the bill with nine cosponsors: Reps. Blumenauer (D-OR), Carson (D-IN), Conyers (D-MI), Davis (D-IL), DeFazio (D-OR), Grijalva (D-AZ), Gutiérrez (D-IL), Pingree (D-ME), Pocan (D-WI). Tell your Member of Congress to join these brave leaders by adding their names now!

The legislation is endorsed by American Friends Service Committee, Center for Constitutional Rights, Churches for Middle East PeaceCODEPINK, Defense of Children International, Jewish Voice for PeaceFriends Committee on National Legislation, Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ, Mennonite Central Committee, Presbyterian Church (USA), United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, United Methodists for Kairos Response (UMKR) and US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

This is a historic moment for the US and a source of hope for all of us on the ground living under occupation. It gives me strength as I continue my military court trial.

Towards the protection of Palestinian children and the end of Israeli apartheid.

Issa.jpegIssa Amro