Mohammed, my friend, and his little child Abed

In visiting Hebron, I automatically went to my friend Abed and his family directly in front of the Ibrahimi Mosque which is such a place of contention. The Israeli authorities want that entire area very much to connect all the settlements in Hebron. But in the midst of all the oppressive measures of Israel toward the Palestinians, this child is born–the grandson of Abed and Reema. (who by the way served us a wonderful meal.) This little kid’s smile was as wide as his face. Paulette

Two Hands… hand extended in acceptance of the person and the other in nonacceptance of the violence

This is one of the exercises Josie Setzler and I participated in with Campaign Nonviolence which is a national effort to shift priorities in our country away from militarism, poverty, non-sustainability to justice and peace in all these arenas. Campaign Nonviolence will be mounting efforts the next months across the nation and will culminate in hundreds of actions performed during the week of Sept. 21-27. If you’d like to be more involved, call 419.447.0435 ext. 136