Peace Camp

One of Project Peace’s greatest joys is hosting our yearly peace camp.  This year’s camp takes place from June 26-June 29, starting at 8:00 am and ending at 12:00 pm each day except on Thursday when the regular campers will join with the Opportunity Center to experience friendship and activities..

Our Popular theme again this year is Peace, Pickles, Pie, and Me.  Children’s peace practices make a big difference with their friends, family, neighborhoods, and eventually, the world.  At our peace camp, children will learn these peace practices, among which are fostering self-esteem and thus esteem and respect for others.  It will celebrate diversity of all kinds and try to help the children experience some of the depth and value of great diversity in their lives.  And as always, the kids will engage nature all around them to learn from and feel the power of nature as their friend.

Snacks will be provided and the children will learn something of the origin of their snacks.  They will be encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone as much as possible during these days so they feel comfortable with discomfort.240_F_76273149_Ve0XDATzlulYaltupTrLfNcZ3dCEgrp1

Hopefully, all will enjoy the camp tremendously.

To sign up, contact Sister Shirley Shafranek of St. Francis’ Earth Literacy Center ASAP at (419) 448-7485 or email