Seneca County Fair


This year, be sure to stop by the Old Merchant Building and check out the booths for both Project Peace and Pax Christi.

The fair this year takes place on July 24th through July 30th.

Come and see how these booths, side by side, encourage people to step forward, give their opinion, and use their voices to express how they feel about violence in our culture and around the world.  They will be invited to ‘light” a candle this year to replace some of our culture’s violence with their special light.

There will be information provided, tattoos and games for the kids, and an opportunity for other activities. There is always a drawing which is attractive, and children won’t go away from the booth without experiencing their involvement with peace.

Contact Sister Paulette, coordinator of Project Peace, at (419) 447-0435 x.136 to volunteer or with any questions.